Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Wood Store

One of the consequences of showing off your models at exhibitions, or indeed, blogging about them, is that you will often have people telling you when you've got something wrong.

It would be more helpful, though, if they didn't wait to tell you until after you'd allowed yourself to think that you'd finished it.

Such is the case with the previous house I was making.

A close follower of the blog, and a fellow OO9 WHR modeller has got in touch to point out that the window I'd put in the side of the small extension should, it turns out, be a door.

He knows this because he was recently renting the neighbouring property for a holiday and thoughtfully took some snaps for me knowing that I was working on these buildings.

(The opening paragraphs, of course, have been written very much tongue-in-cheek because I'm very grateful for everyone who gets in touch to offer information.)

Fortunately it is relatively a relatively straightforward task to hack out a chunk of styrene to turn a window into a doorway and shove in a piece to represent a wooden door.

Thank goodness Himself has been caught up with building the new luxury animal accommodation and hadn't immediately started work on painting it.

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