Friday, 15 June 2018


I've been wondering what to build next now that the big effort for getting ready for Bressingham is out of the way.

I've got yet another set of Superbarn castings to be built up into a carriage - 120 - but I rather fancy doing something different.

I've got a notion to make some more vintage WHR carriages from brass kits, as well, but then I remembered there's been another project waiting in the wings - some BZ wagons.

These are the hybrids which have been created by Boston Lodge with the mostly-fixed sides of a B wagon with the more user-friendly height of a DZ wagon.

The two are them are not identical - needless to say - so I won't be casting them by the dozen as I can do with B wagons - but I will still make the master from styrene and produce a mould and a resin cast from it because it will make it more rigid.

If you're wondering why the reference to Eric in the title the answer is, of course,  the Monty Python song 'Eric the half a bee." Geddit?

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