Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Heat Stroke

It's true that people living on these islands are never happy about the weather - there's always someone moaning! (Usually me..)

By some freak of nature the west of Scotland has been living through one of the driest and warmest spells of weather for many a year.

Garden lawns are turning brown and cracks are appearing in the turf. Trust me when I say that this is not normal!

There is, of course, always a downside, and for me it is that conditions have been less than ideal for resin casting.

It's either so hot that the stuff is setting too fast, or it's been a little on the humid side so it comes out like that honeycomb foam that builders squirt out from a can to fill caps.

This is especially inconvenient as I've been trying to produce a batch of some very fiddly pieces which make up the interior of the Superbarn carriages and the two new FR Observation Carrs for customers who approached me.

The bases for the bucket seats and the side tables have some very small bits and one tiny air bubble can ruin the piece completely.

The reject rate has been running close to a 50% for some of them but I'm winning the battle I think.

Ordinarily I'd just wait for the weather to turn but it's been like this for so long that I felt I couldn't keep the customers waiting any longer.

You just watch the weather change now I've written this....


  1. I was told recently that mixing a little acetone into the resin will make it more liquid and reduce air bubbles.

  2. We had rain this morning (in North Wales) but still humid. I'd enjoy the sun while it lasts & save the casting for the "Summer" months when it will probably be dreary again!