Monday, 25 June 2018

Return To Service

There was a complaint received recently - or perhaps we should give it the benefit of the doubt and call it a comment - that there are not enough photos of our models on the blog.

Well, we pride ourselves on responsiveness to our audience, so please allow us to spam you with a series of snaps taken of our Darjeeling C class pacific out for a wee test run after it's reassembly.

The purpose was twofold.

As well as testing the running of the locomotive we were also using a engine with tiny wee bogie wheels to test the board joints after the work to realign them.

I do think it's a lovely looking locomotive and although totally unprototypical for the WHR we make no apologies for invoking Rule Number 1.

Such a shame the real ones are stuff and mounted in India because I can't help thinking they'd go very nicely on the WHR - like souped-up Penrhyn Ladies on the FR.


  1. Looking brilliant any chance of ME and DLG on the blog again soon

  2. As they're North British locos you could always claim it was rescued from a hitherto unknown 2' gauge light railway in the Scottish Highlands...