Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Estate We're In

The scenification of Bron Hebog - if there is indeed such a word - has reached the station area.

You can see clearly in the picture below how additional layers of material are placed on top of the dyed carpet underlay base to create the look of the semi-wild and fractured cutting leading to Goat Tunnel.

The pristine track and ballast rather spoil the effect right now but as I mentioned in a previous post these will be weathered in due course.

The big grey area on the left of the picture is the concrete base for the intended permanent station building at some point in the future. The wooden hut in front of it serves that purpose for now.

Himself and the Artistic Director have also started thinking about how we're going to represent the Oberon Wood housing estate which occupies the area immediately in front of the cutting at the Porthmadog end of the station.

As you can see in this view, taken from behind so to speak, this development was carefully planned and designed in the vernacular Welsh style to blend in with the Snowdonian landscape....

As with so much of layout planning - although a lot of people don't like to admit it - this is as about creating an illusion as much as faithfully recreating reality.

To make a more interesting, and a more sensibly-dimensioned layout, we have slightly shrunk the length of the cutting between the station and the tunnel which means we don't have space to model every single one of the houses in the scheme.

So H and AD have been playing around with cut outs of the floor plans of the houses to see what works best.

Hopefully this means that before too long a set of the Artistic Director's exquisite, hand drawn building plans will be handed over to me and I can get to work on making these houses.


  1. You appear to be very organised in your model planning! :)

  2. The not shop concrete block is as depressing as the real one! Looking very good chaps, can't wait to see it in the flesh.

    John W