Friday, 17 February 2012

Inside & Out

Steady progress with Superbarn 121 - most of the interior and underframe is complete now.

As you may have seen before if you're a regular reader - and apologies if it's a little boring to see it again - I make up the interior directly onto the chassis unit which fits up inside the body.

When it is in place - as it is in the picture above - there is just enough room to slip in the glazing. This is important because it stops the styrene bodysides from bending inwards over time.

Underneath the truss rods are in place as is the battery box, diesel fuel tank (for the carriage heating) and some representation of the vacuum brake gear - or at least the bit of it that you actually see underneath a low-running narrow gauge carriage like this.

Inside the seats and tables are in place.

I think the next stage will be to hand it over to Himself to put a nice rolled brass roof on it.


  1. What bogie sets or wheels do you use for these?

  2. We use Parkside Dundas Vale of Rheidol bogies with extra bits of styrene bonded onto the sides to disguise them and make them look more like FR bogies.