Monday, 27 February 2012

Moving On

I'm keeping my New Year Resolution to make a model of the Parry People Mover - a flywheel powered rail car which had a pathetically brief career on the WHR in 1999.

You can read more about it in this post.

For this I'm using an outline drawing of the machine which I discovered on the Parry website, which has been scaled to 4mm by cross-referencing with measurements I took of the railcar in the shed at Dinas twelve years ago.

The tricky bit on this model is getting the angles at the front correct. I used a cut out of one end of the floorplan as a guide when assembling the bodyshell.

Here it is with all eight panels bonded together...

And now with the bus-style folding double doors added on behind...

It feels good to have made a start on this project after so long on the wish list.

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