Monday, 13 February 2012

Station Views

Himself has been putting a lot of work into the board with the bulk of Beddgelert station on it in the last few weeks and, I hope you'll agree, the results are very impressive.

These shots are taking from the viewing side. My pride 'n joy, the KMX tamper, is posed in the siding to give a little context and scale to the scene.

Here's a view looking south towards the cutting leading to Goat Tunnel. (The Oberon Wood houses I mentioned last week will be in the top left of the picture.)

This view of the whole board and the adjoining one (on the left) gives you a good impression of how this section of Bron Hebog will look when we take the layout to shows at Sparsholt and Railex in the spring.

When the the layout is finally, finally finished there will be another 2 rows of boards, of the same depth, behind the ones in the picture with the first of the S bends circling Cwm Cloch farm.

Yes, it's going to be a biggie!

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