Saturday, 11 February 2012

Watching The Grass Grow

I've been writing a lot on the blog in recent weeks about using dyed carpet underlay to represent long grass on Bron Hebog and so I thought there was no harm in showing you some pictures of how we do it.

The stuff is coloured in bulk using a cold water fabric dye until it turns a yellowy-green sort of colour.

When we come to use it we tease it out into thin clumps in much the same way as you would do with a big pad of cotton wool.

As you can see in these pictures below we spread an area with PVA glue and press the teased out clumps down into it.

At this stage the effect is still rather 'shagpile' so once the glue has fully set we go back over the area pulling off the top layer which leaves a much more realistic, thinner, covering.

This, then, is our grass base to which to which we may add other flocks, static grass or even crushed rock and ballast to complete the effect.

Any questions class?

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