Friday, 16 March 2012

Down On The Farm

The Artistic Director has completed painting the buildings for Cwm Cloch farmyard.

They're up to his usual standard, I would say.

I made these four buildings from styrene using detailed plans drawn by the AD. My favourite among them is undoubtedly the longhouse.

The stonework was all carved by hand into the plasticard.

On this building I particularly enjoyed the challenge of matching the state of dilapidation of the real buildings, especially the areas of the roof where missing slates allow the rafters to show through.

The slates, by the way, were made from strips of thick paper, with cuts to represent each slate, and glued onto a styrene base.

It's only fair to point out that in the years since we did our research at Cwm Cloch the farm buildings have been renovated and what was left of the slate roofs replaced by corrugated metal sheeting.

Francis has promised to write another guide to how he paints and weathers the buildings using acrylics, which I hope to post here in due course.

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