Friday, 30 March 2012

What's On The Workbench?

I feel it's easy in a blog like this to give the impression to the occasional reader that you're only working on one model at a time, so I thought you might be amused to see all the part-built models I've got on the go at the moment lined up together.

Unfortunately, only two of them are mine to keep.

The two big ones are 7mm scale models of WHR Pullman carriages 'Bodysgallen' and 'Glaslyn' which are being built for a client. They will shortly be painted once their wheelsets and couplers arrive for fitting.

The small one at the back - without a proper roof skin yet - is a model of new FR Superbarn 121. The latest post on this carriage can be found here.

The three complete carriages in front of that are also being made for a client. They are FR carriages 100 , 124 and 112. You can read about them here and also here on the Boston Largs Works site.

And last, but not least, my little modellers licence indulgence, the Parry People Mover. Here you can read the latest on it.

I'm going to have to get at least one of these finished soon because I'm running out of space to store them all on the shelf above the workbench.

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