Sunday, 1 April 2012

Mod & Roc'er

Himself is nothing if not traditional in his construction methods.

When it comes to forming scenery he's not one for hacking away at blocks of polystyrene, leaving the workshop area look like there's been a bulk delivery of artificial snow. He likes to stick to tried and trusted techniques like chicken wire and Mod Roc with a good dollop of plaster on top.

These views show where he's got up to on the board with the current head of steal on the 'Hebogometer' in the middle of the S bend behind Beddgelert station.

As well as a railway - which crosses this board twice - he's got to lay out a river bed and a lane and all the associated bridges and crossings.

Now some of the Mod Roc plaster bandage is in place you can see the form of the land more clearly.

Up at the blank, top end of the board is where the track will cross the board for the second time after completing the second loop of the S bend, but that can't be laid until the rest of the loop is in place.

Hopefully Himself will find some time to slap on some brown coloured plaster in the next week and a bit, otherwise I would have to suggest anyone coming to see the layout at Sparsholt brings some sunglasses with them!

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