Tuesday, 3 April 2012

MOTW - 120

Strange as it may seem, the utilitarian and workaday 120 and its twin 119, have always been among my favourite FR carriages.

These 1970s 'tin carrs' with their rounded roofs and corners always reminded me of the early BR MkIIs, and these ones in particular with their toilet compartment and the distinctive opaque window always looked like mini mainline carriages to me.

These carriages, which have lost their toilet compartments in recent years, have gone through a number of changes over the years.

This model shows 120 as rebuilt with a smooth lower body panel, replacing the very obvious vertical ribs beneath every pillar with which they were first built.

However, it does show the carriage still with its original bus seating, before they were replaced with the much smarter, red 'diplomat' seats.

In the last few years these carriages have been used to strengthen the sets on the WHR, so we'll definitely be seeing 120 in action on Bron Hebog, even if I do end up having to make another version of it as it is today without the toilet compartment.

Oh yes, nearly forgot to say, it was scratch built in styrene like most of our modern carriages.


  1. Glenn Williams3 April 2012 at 17:53

    One of them does still have the toilet in it. I cant remember which one tho.

  2. "Twin"???? Yeah right!