Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Try Again

So having made something of an FR modelling beginner's error the last time we're trying again with a replacement carriage 16.

If you were logging in here a couple of months ago you'll recall we were misled into purchasing a Worsley Works scratch-aid kit for number 15 when what we wanted to make was a model of 16 in its current Col. Stephens era livery.

The giveaway - which somewhat embarrassingly I had to have pointed out by a reader - were the windows in the ends of the carriage and the beading along the solebar cover.

Having obtained a replacement Himself has soldered together the body and the chassis which comes with the kit.

Just like with my scratch built modern carriages the roof will be fixed in place and the body detaches.

Next it will be posted up to me to make up an interior before Himself finishes it off.

And in case you were wondering the bogies, which are so well hidden on these Victorian vehicles, are Parkside Dundas FR bogies.

Not that anyone's ever going to see them, of course....

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