Tuesday, 26 May 2015

On The Other Side

I've been cracking on with the 'south wing' of the new house (number 21) which includes the built-in garage which juts out at the front of the building.

Unlike most of the other houses in Oberon Wood this one does not appear to have an offset between the two halves so I only have to make three pieces, although one of the, the side, is typically challenging in terms of getting the slopes cut accurately.

The other two pieces look a little rough and all becomes clear when they are joined onto the rest of the house.

At the rear number 21 has had an extension added at some point.

Originally the wall would have continued all the way down, I guess, and there would have been a window and door there.

The extension will be built separately and added on later so for now I've just left a big hole so that there isn't an obvious blank wall to be seen when it's finished.

At the front I've extended the wall on the upper bedroom much further down into the garage space to provide more support for that long side wall and to help to keep the structure square.

I think the next step will be to complete the front piece of the garage and the other wall which joins at 90 degrees just to the side of the patio door.

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