Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Gutter Press

So I've put the finishing touches onto houses 23 & 22 for the Oberon Wood scene with the guttering and downpipes formed and fitted.

Fortunately a lot of these houses appear to have square section guttering which makes my life a lot easier so I can use ready-formed styrene channel section for the gutters.

It's worth doing because they really do finish off a building.

One final detail to add to number 23 was the post supporting the porch which also has a downpipe attached to the front of it.

I'll be sending these down to Himself to finish off the painting but I won't be able to let them go until I'm well into the build of number 21.

Rather inconveniently these three houses are all attached in small but very significant ways which makes it impossible to build them without reference to their neighbour.

Nothing's ever easy, is it, eh?

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