Thursday, 28 May 2015

Extensions Front & Rear

It hasn't taken too long to add the extension at the back of the house and complete the garage at the front.

From studying the pictures I have of the house very closely I'm coming to the conclusion that the patio door is a later addition to the house and perhaps originally this was another of the designs where the front entrance was tucked away beneath an over-hanging upper floor.

What's for sure is that the door on the side of the garage leads only to a bin storage area so the only way in from the driveway is in through the patio doors or to go around to the back.

There was a lot of magnification of grainy pictures required here as well to establish for sure whether the extension was completely flush at the back with the original part of the house.

Eventually I decided that I could see it sat back ever so slightly and that the roof sat a fraction lower which is why I added this on as a separate unit.

It's beginning to come together - slowly.

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