Thursday, 14 May 2015

My Brain Hurts!

I started work on house number 21 a couple of days ago but I've yet to take a scalpel to single piece of styrene.

It's a bit of a knotty one is number 21.

From the front it looks relatively simple - well, as simple as any of these Oberon Wood houses is...

The problems start when you take a peak around the back.

See how it nibbles into the corner of the house next to it?

Yeees. That's the tricky bit that's been causing me all the head scratching.

I've been spending my time drawing and cutting out paper templates to offer up against the model of 22 which I've just finished to try to make sure I've got it looking right.

Because I make the main walls of these houses of of 60" sheet I takes a quite a lot of effort and you really don't want to have to go cutting them out any more than you have to.

That's not the only bit of this building that's going to be challenging - take a look at the southern end..

All those windows and their positions betray what complicated and unconventional layouts these houses have plus they're built on a slope!

But there's no point moaning about it, I'd better just get cracking on with it.

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