Monday, 23 April 2012

Scene In Goat Cutting

Another couple of snaps of the layout I took at Sparsholt for you to start the new week.

A lot of people remarked at the exhibition that Bron Hebog, when it reaches its full extent, is going to provide a great number of photographic vignettes around the layout.

One of them is Goat Cutting, which for those who have not had the chance to visit or ride on the WHR yet, is a short, deep and curved cutting at the Porthmadog end of the station leading into Goat Tunnel.

Here we see Funkey diesel Caernarfon Castle departing from the station and passing beneath the footbridge..

And from the opposite direction here's a shot of Prince emerging from the tunnel with a vintage set. On photo charter duty, perhaps?

I shall post some more scenes from around the layout later this week.

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