Saturday, 7 April 2012

Layout Recycling

Himself is making final preparations for showing Bron Hebog at Sparsholt next weekend.

There comes a point where you've got to stop building and start making the layout actually work, which is where he is at right now.

The issue with the layout at the moment is that at both ends the track finishes in the middle of nowhere - there are no fiddle yards.

So Himself has done the logical thing and borrowed one from Dduallt.

As luck would have it the track alignment for the lower (Porthmadog end) yard from Dduallt is a perfect match with the current head of steel at the upper (Rhyd Ddu) end of Bron Hebog.

(If you click on the photo to enlarge it you may just be able to make out Baldwin tractor 'Moelwyn' performing test running duties.)

This will give us a lot more flexibility and the chance to have a more train formations on the go at Sparsholt, although because Dduallt is a much more modest sized layout the sets will have to be a little shorter than we intend to run when Bron Hebog is finished.

Unfortunately other yard from Dduallt can't be fitted at the other end, beyond Goat Tunnel, so Himself is going to try and knock up something basic with a couple of sidings on one of the blank baseboards.

He has also been honoured with a visit from the Artistic Director who has fluttered some paintbrushes in the general direction of the stone walls which have sprung up around Cwm Cloch farmyard.

As you can see, one half of this board has now been plastered and painted in a very fetching shade of brown base coat. It may have cultivated some grass by the time it goes on show at the agricultural college.

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