Monday, 9 April 2012

PPM To The Paintshop

The Parry People Mover is just about complete, except for the fact it's still bright, styrene white.

If I pull off the body you can see what I've done with the interior.

I've built what I can around the motor cover, which as I wrote in a previous post, is a little too intrusive for my liking, but I hope I'll be able to disguise it a little through the painting, and the chrome rails on the top of the bus seats - which were made out of thin styrene strip - should be the first thing that will catch the eye.

I'm also quite please with the driving control desks at either end which were made and shaped out of six pieces of styrene each.

The finishing touches, once its painted, will be small headlight jewels and some etched brass windscreen wipers.

Stuffing it with some passengers should also hide that motor cover, especially if it's standing room only in front of the doors.

I'm really looking forward to giving it a proper test run on the layout on Saturday at the Sparsholt show.

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