Friday, 27 April 2012

Britomart's Big Day Out

When we first started modelling the WHR I confess I feared that it might make a rather boring layout.

During the years of rebuilding the line, and before it was reconnected with the FR at Porthmadog, the train service was a rather monotonous procession of NGG16 Garratts hauling one of only two sets of carriages. Not a very varied diet for either the operators or the paying public at exhibitions.

The last couple of years since the physical reunion of the two railways, however, has seen a wonderful variety of trains running up the WHR to the point where there are few locomotives or carriages in the FR fleet which have not visited 'the dark side'.

This is great news for us because it means we can play with 75% of the stock built up over 20 years for Dduallt on Bron Hebog too.

It also means we can have fun replicating some of the more unusual specials that have been seen at Beddgelert such as Britomart's recent solo foray up the line.

These pictures were taken during the exhibition at Sparsholt a fortnight ago.

Here she is heading around the S bend at Cwm Cloch farm...

And getting a well earned drink on the way back down....

Are there any unusual (but authentic) combinations you'd like to see appear on Bron Hebog when we go to Railex 2012 next month? Leave a comment below to let us know.


  1. Taliesin piloting Lyd? I've only seen pics of this on the WHR with Lyd in green, but I'm not sure that matters too much..

    1. Me and the square please, as per the snowdonian last month