Saturday, 21 April 2012


The Sparsholt show last weekend saw the public debut of my Parry People Mover.
It attracted a lot of attention and quite a few compliments too, which was pleasing.

I remained dissatisfied with the seats inside it, though. Or to be more accurate, my representation of the chrome handrails on top of the bus-type seats.

I had made them out of very thin strips of styrene, but I couldn't get them to sit nice and straight along the top. Over the weekend I decided it was time to substitute the styrene for another material. Or perhaps that should be, bustitute?

To stop them bending upwards I decided a strip of brass the same size as the styrene would give me the nice straight top I was seeking.

While I was staying at home for the Sparsholt weekend I took the opportunity to raid Himself's stocks of brass. (I could have ordered it online, of course, but it didn't seem worth paying postage for just one item.)

At any rate, it was a fair exchange. In return for a strip of brass (and the dregs of a bottle of Lagavulin) I found the solution to fix Himself's Sky TV settings issue and changed his Facebook profile picture for him.

An hour's work later and the brass handrails have been put on in place of the styrene ones. Much better, don't you think?

Now I just have to cut the glazing pieces and then I can start the process of painting it.

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