Saturday, 10 March 2012

Going Round The Bend

The Hebograph* has reached the first stage of the S bend as landscaping and scenic work reaches the extreme right of the layout.

Here the line turns 180 degrees for the first time as it climbs and curls around Cwm Cloch Farm.

The first stage of the scenics - the carpet underlay - has been fixed in place right across this board, but there is a lot more to be added to it, including a large number of trees on either side of the line.

At the far right hand side you can just make out some of the embankment of the unfinished PB&SSR alignment, which was intended to take a much steeper and more direct route towards Rhyd Ddu than the circuitous route that the eventual WHR was laid out on. The abutments of a bridge are the most obvious sign of the earthworks.

Here is a close up view of the area where the cluster of farm buildings will go.

The big barn, which recently featured as the Model Of The Week on the blog, has been put in place for the photographs.

The other stone buildings, which are in varying states of dilapidation, are in the process of being painted by the Artistic Director.

He's making good progress with these and I hope to have some pictures to show you in a few days time.

* In case you were puzzled by the reference to the Hebograph, this entirely made up word is inspired by the log kept by the Deviationists who built the spiral on the FR at Dduallt. They called it the Ffestergraph, so I thought we should refer to progress on Bron Hebog as the Hebograph.

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