Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Power To The People Mover

The railcar project continues with the installation of the power source. In this case it's a Kato tram chassis rather than an engine from a Ford Fiesta and a flywheel.

I'm building this vehicle in the same way I would usually tackle a carriage, so the bottom will be removable and the roof fixed in place.

The first job was to cut out a floor to fit inside the bodyshell and then hack out a hole to mount the tram chassis in, which is easier said than done when dealing with 80 thou styrene, and a number of scalpel blades were lost in the process, but fortunately no fingers.

As you can see in this view from below, a lot of the existing detail on the chassis as been hacked off and ground away with the aid of a mini-drill and disc cutter. The skirt on the People Mover is so low that none of it can be seen, and it meant the hole in the floor could be smaller.

So, here's how the project stands at the moment. I've also made a basic roof which you can see in this shot below. (Please excuse the rather ethereal yellow glow..)

It has been tested and I can confirm it does indeed move, so I hope we'll be giving it a wee test run on Bron Hebog at the Sparsholt show next month.

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  1. I love it! This vehicle completely passed me by. Any chance of some measurements?