Friday, 22 June 2012

Midnight Oil Burner

A truly sumptuous pun to introduce a few snaps of our new Linda.

A pun? Well..

1) The 'first lady' of the FR has been finished in her short-lived Midnight Blue livery

2) Himself truly did burn the midnight oil to get this finished in time for Chris Nevard's photo shoot with Dduallt last week for Model Rail magazine.


3) Linda is, of course, an oil burner (Much to the distress of the present day accountants at the FR, it must be said.)

Here we see the Backwoods beauty with the lining all complete, sporting her name and works plates and with a model crew.

In fact the crew is probably the most unauthentic bit of this model. Most of the occasions when I've seen Linda running her cab and tender footplates have been packed out.

I know the livery choice is a little controversial, but do you like it?


  1. My favourite FR loco in my favourite livery! Very nice.

  2. Hi Rob,
    please can you let us know when the pictures are published,

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