Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Smile Please!

Our old layout Dduallt is getting a turn in the spotlight today - quite literally.

The very talented Mr Chris Nevard is coming along to a secret location in the Chiltern Hills to photograph the layout for an article in a future edition of Model Rail magazine.

I'm not able to be there for the shoot but I'm very excited about seeing the results. It's not the first time Dduallt has been featured in a magazine but I'm expecting the pictures Chris takes to be among the best I've ever seen of it.

At the start of this year one of our other CHMRC layouts, New Mills, was in Model Rail - in fact it was the cover feature - and if you're a regular reader of that mag you'll already know how handy Mr N is with a camera. (There's also link to his blog over on the right hand side of the page.)

Naturally I will let you know which edition of Model Rail the article will be in when the time comes.

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