Saturday, 2 June 2012

Silly Half Hour

In our two exhibition appearances this year Bron Hebog has been operating at what you might call reduced power.

That is to say the way we run the layout has been dictated by the size limitations of our temporary fiddle yards which means that our mighty Garratts have been tootling around with 5 and 6 carr trains when the layout has been designed for operating prototypical 9 or 10 carr rakes.

But towards the end of Sunday at Railex, when the crowds thinned out, and at what is traditionally seen as the silly half hour when some more unusual combinations are run for the amusement of the operators, I decided to send out an 8 carr train so I could get an impression of how impressive it will look when Bron Hebog is finally completed.

Now you can see how we're going to get that 'train coming back on itself' effect around the S bend that so many visitors to the exhibition remarked upon when recounting their rides on the WHR.

I hope you won't think me conceited if I say so myself, but the completed Bron Hebog is going to be worth waiting for.

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