Sunday, 10 June 2012

Superbarn Update

Himself reports that he's been having a tough day completing our model of 'Superbarn' 103. Quite a lot of the reason for this is my fault, I must confess.

This is because when I built the carriage two years ago it turns out I set the truss rods too low. This error was only discovered 75% of the way though the process of painting the carriage when he sat it down on the new style bogies- which  he had spent a whole day fashioning from a pair of Parkside Dundas VoR bogies -only to find the truss rods swooped lower than the railhead.  Oops!

The easily fix, you might think, would be to add some packing beneath the bogie pivots and raise the carriage up a bit, but he didn't want to do this because the middle paint line matched perfectly with the rest of the stock.

So, no doubt cursing my name, he ripped off the truss rods and the king posts and made and fitted some new ones, which you can see in these pictures.

And he's still got to solder up four pairs of handrails to go either side of each of the doors.

All in all he's finding it rather fiddly, but I must say it's really got the look of a Superbarn, don't you agree?

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