Friday, 23 November 2012

Diddy Dickie Bow

Yes, dear readers, another strange post title for you to ponder.

Take a look at the picture and then tell me if the title now makes sense to you?

Yes, that's right! This little bit of the NG Y ballast wagon does indeed look a little like a bow tie, don't you agree?

One of these will fit on either end of the door / chute casts I showed you on Monday.

I took a snap of it snug as a bug in its moulding box seconds before smothering it in RTV rubber.

As you will have gathered if you are a regular reader - and a very warm welcome if you're new, by the way - I have now ceased to bother with the virtually impossible task of measuring out 5% of a minuscule amount of RTV catalyst when I'm make a mould, and instead I've taken to slopping it in using the well known scientific measurement 'That looks about right', so the damn thing may well have set firm by the time I finish typing this,

Alternatively, of course, I could still be waiting to de-mould it on Christmas Day.

That's why resin casting is such fun!

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