Monday, 19 November 2012

Welcome To Bombay

The trouble with blogging is the longer you go on the harder it is to come up with nifty titles for the posts, and consequently the puns become strained to breaking point.

You might well believe that this one has indeed snapped!

So what follows has got nothing to do with travel and nothing to do with India. It is, in fact, all about the casts for the doors / chutes for the NG Y ballast wagon which I have now fitted to the kit prototype.

So why the Bombay reference? Well, to me these always seem a bit like the bomb bay doors on an old aeroplane because of the way they are curved and sit slightly back from the vertical.

It may not make much sense to you but at least I've given you the courtesy of an explanation!

Here's a view from the underside so you can see how they fix onto the wagon chassis.

My original plan had been to have them fit inside the frames rather than on them, which was the way I designed the original master for the door unit.

However when I fitted the first casts in place I thought they looked too far inboard, and they also hung down too low and would foul the track, so I modified the master and cast another pair (which are a couple of mm shallower) which are what you see here.

Now I've got these fixed in place and I am happy with how they are sitting the next step is to design the side / end pieces.

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