Monday, 5 November 2012

Kits In Colour

Here's one of the DZs given a quick blast of red oxide. What do you all think of it?

This is one of the wagons I've built up for customers which is made using the kit as it comes.

For our own trio of wagons for Bron Hebog I'll be adding additional details such as the vacuum pipes and I'm thinking about tarting them up with some resin transfer rivets too.

It would have been lovely to have had some rivet detail on the castings but I'm not too sure how well it would work.

The problem is that I make my masters out of styrene. In brass it's simple enough to press out the rivets - well,  perhaps not simple because it's quite a time-consuming and tricky business - but at least once a rivet is punched, it's punched.

With styrene the obvious solution is to use the terrific resin transfers produced by Archers, but I have my doubts about whether they would work on a casting master.

My fear is that they would stick to the silicone rubber used to make the mould and be pulled off the master when you removed it from the mould and you'd then have to try and dig them out of the rubber, rivet by rivet, before you could cast from the mould.

And of course you'd have to re-rivet the master again before you could use it a second time.

I'll maybe try a test piece next time I'm making some moulds, but as I say, I have my doubts.....

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  1. Can't wait to get my hands on these kits. About the rivet transfers, have not tried it myself but perhaps a coat of gloss varnish or similar, to seal them to the styrene? Rainer.