Sunday, 9 December 2012

B Different

I've started work on my fourth kit, for the ex-SAR B wagons found on the WHR.

There is already an etched brass kit for the B wagon on the market produced by Worsley Works, but being the WHR nothing is ever straight forward.

South African wagon spotters will be all too aware that there were two kinds of B wagon imported to Wales - and it is the revised type which I am going to be offering.

Here is one of them seen getting a makeover in the goods shed at Dinas.

Picture: M Ingram

There are numerous detailed differences but the most obvious are the extension to the sides with the angled cut at the bottom and the two big thick bars across the ends.

There are also fewer rivets in evidence on the frame and the vertical L section straps are fixed the opposite way round to the earlier type.

According to reports from unofficial sources another six of these design of B wagons are in the process of being imported from South Africa for the WHR so by my calculations that means there will be an equal number of both types on the railway.

Below is a shot of initial progress on the master for the side of the wagon,

You have probably noticed the absence of the drop / swing doors in the centre.

Having the door as a separate casting means modellers who wish to show this type of B wagon being employed to carry coal for the locomotives on the FR can easily chop off the top set of swing doors from the casting before assembling the sides.

I hope it may prove as popular as the DZs and the NGY kits have been.

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