Monday, 17 December 2012

B Wagon Progress

Keeping up with demand for the DZ wagon kits has kept me busy the last couple of weeks casting the component parts but I have found some time to make a little more progress on the follow-up B wagon kit.

I mentioned in a previous post that I'm going to cast the central doors separately, to make it easier to produce other versions of the WHR B wagon like the bike wagons and the coal wagons employed on the FR, and you can see in the picture above how that's going to work.

In their original form the B wagons have a similarity to the DZ wagon with the depressed panel on the lower part of the door.

I had hopes that I would be able to cheat and employ a casting from one of my DZ wagons but it didn't really look right, so I've made another one from scratch using laminated styrene and some Milliput to create the effect of an indentation.

At the right hand side you can see the master for the end piece taking shape.

The next step will be to drill marker holes for the many grab handrails along the bottom of the frame which kit buyers will be able to add to their models should they so wish.

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