Sunday, 23 December 2012

Ramping It Up

I was right all along - and now I have proof!

When I began work on the B wagon kit a few weeks ago it was my intention to produce a kit which could be customised to portray these wagons fulfilling the various roles they have had on the WHR / FR as general freight carriers, coal transporters / storers and as bike wagons.

I was pretty sure in my own mind that one of these 'new style' wagons was once employed as a bike carrier but I couldn't find any proof of that through sources such as the official stock book or the Festipedia wiki.

Fortunately Himself has come up with the goods and provided me with the photographic evidence I wanted:

This was all I needed to press ahead with designing some alternative doors and ramps which means that, should they wish, customers will be able to buy a kit with the bits to build their own models of the WHR bike wagons.

In this shot here you can compare the masters for the two styles of door.

I'm intending to build one of these as a second bike wagon for Bron Hebog, to run along with our old style version,  so even if there are no orders forthcoming for an alternative kit I won't have wasted my time and effort.

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