Friday, 21 December 2012

Spot On

This time the rivets are going on for real.

I've applied rows of resin transfers onto the masters for the NGY ballast wagon.

Fortunately there are not too many of them and they're in a relatively simple pattern along the bottom of the frame.

You can see that I've also had a play about with one of my spare DZ castings to see if it's realistic proposition to add them onto these wagons.

By contrast to the ballast wagon there are quite a lot of them in awkward places.

Fortunately I can report that they went on very easily (they really are very good, these rivet transfers) and so I shall press ahead with putting them onto my own fleet of DZ's for Bron Hebog

I think I will probably also stick some onto the masters for the DZ kit before I come to cast the third batch.

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