Thursday, 28 November 2013

Peckett Painting

A trial run of top coat has been brushed onto our Harrogate Pecket, primarily for the purposes of approving the colour.

Colours are a moot subject among the Bron Hebog team on account of the fact I'm the only one of the three of us who can see them properly!

Despite this I find myself at a disadvantage on account of a) being in a minority and b) being 400 miles away from where the painting is being done.

And so I get sent snaps like this and expected to say yay or nay to the colour which has been chosen, or on other occasions a selection of samples to pick from.

Sometimes this goes a little wrong, as it did with our model of the Double Fairlie Daffyd Lloyd George. What I was supposed to be choosing - and indeed thought I had done - was a concoction resembling Heinz Tomato Soup (the nearest anyone has ever come to accurately describing the shade of the locomotive) but what we ended up with was a Fairlie that looks more like its been outshopped in the Strathclyde PTE Orange livery of the 1980's.

Our DLG is not so much a Soup Dragon as A Clockwork Orange.

So you will appreciate why I am naturally a little hesitant about passing judgement on this shade of green for the Peckett. But I have compared it, exhaustively, with all the pictures I took of the actual locomotive on the WHR in September and I'm pretty sure it's close enough.

I think I shall give Himself permission to proceed.


  1. have you considered creating a colour chart to include in the photographs. at least you would then be able to see if the photograph was true to colour.

  2. No idea how accurate the green is, but it does look a good fit for the loco

  3. It isn't easy being green. Close enough on this laptop. Odds on it won't get too close to the original and anyway there's scale colour to contend with.