Monday, 4 November 2013

A Use For Old Relics

Himself has been shaping the scenery formers and 'adding lightness' in the style of the late, great Colin Chapman, to the latest board with the big U bend on it.

If you assumed that the old relic in the title referred to Himself you are firstly very cheeky and, secondly, wrong.

Because if you look carefully in the left hand corner of this picture you will see that there is a very special weight being used to hold down the plywood trackbed.

It is, in fact, a track chair we recovered from the depths of the bog in Cutting Mawr on one of our first research trips to Beddgelert and took back for careful conservation. (Lest any of you think that we just nicked it!)

Not being experts in such ironmongery we don't know whether it is a genuine lump of original WHR track which had been lying there since the 1941 demolition or whether it is of more modern provenance and appeared on the scene in the 1960's when track components were taken to Beddgelert in one of the early revival attempts.

All expert views on the matter would be welcome, but you're not getting it back because, as you can see, it happens to have become rather useful!

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