Saturday, 2 November 2013

Boxed In

The first Super Barn masters are ready to be covered in rubber.

You'll see that as well as the two sets of ends - single and double door style - I've also made a master for the end of the carriage, which is fortunately a mirror image so I only have to make the one.

The only part I can't include on the master is the corridor connections which I don't think would be possible without using a two part mould and that's beyond the scope of my casting abilities at the moment.

They should only take a day or two to set so I may able to show you the first casts soon.


  1. What about the fact that the first supper barn has a different window height to the other two?

  2. Firstly, this is a model of 108. And secondly, if I recall correctly, 103's windows are smaller and I would be able to put some styrene blanking pieces in to make it smaller - better that way round than trying to alter a casting to make the opening bigger.