Thursday, 31 October 2013

Ruling Gradient

Himself has been laying the track around the 2nd 180 degree curve on the S bend with the help of this handy device.

If you haven't seen one before - and if the legend on it isn't obvious enough - you push it along, the wheel turns and a counter on top tells you how far you've gone.

When you're building a layout with a gradient you can use it to help set the track supports at the right height to tell you whether your trackbed is climbing at an even rate.

As you can see, along with everything else on this this layout it is stubbornly imperial..

This wide view shows the progress which has been made on this board.

The trackbed and farm road are in place. The other small curved section of plywood you can see on the inside is the bed of a small stream which emerges from Cutting Mawr under the track in a drain, runs down the inside of the curve about to half way and then drives under the track again and out the other side of the embankment.

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