Thursday, 3 October 2013


Himself has been lifting track off the layout in a classic case of taking one step backwards to go two forwards this week.

I'm being a little misleading on purpose here, because in reality what he's been doing is dismantling the temporary fiddle yard we had at the Rhyd Ddu end of the layout for the show at Dinas last month to turn it into a proper scenic board.

As you can see the plywood top has been removed in one piece and he's left the tracks in place in case we should need it again.

This all depends on whether Bron Hebog will next show its face in public in a 'finished' state or as a 'work in progress' once again. (I use the commas because no layout is ever truly finished, of course.)

And so another virgin baseboard has been brought out of store and set up in the new, luxury 'Grandad Cave'.

You'll see that this one sits at a right angle to its neighbour. To help you get your bearings the next picture (below)  is taken as if you were hovering above Goat Tunnel looking towards Rhyd Ddu.

The new board that is nearest the camera will show the trackbed where it makes the second 180 bend on the embankment behind Beddgelert station and Cutting Mawr will be somewhere up against the wall on the left of the picture.

Do you know where you are now? Good.

The first task will be to profile of the sides of the board and then draw the shape of the trackbed on a sheet of plywood, cut it out and fix it at the correct height on rises.

Updates to follow soon I hope.

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