Thursday, 17 October 2013

Marking Tracks

We've been deploying a precision piece of modelling equipment this week - the felt tip pen.

Himself made use of a spare hour to sketch the outline of the trackbed in the middle section of the S bend immediately behind Beddgelert station.

If it seems a bit wide for OO9 here it's because a new farm road follows he line of the railway along here, one of the mitigation measures agreed with the farmer at Cwm Cloch when the railway became a railway once again.

The track sits a bit lower than the line but Himself is hoping to be able to cut it out of one piece of plywood and jigsaw a slit and bend the wood to separate the levels.

The end-on view above shows how the line does not take a straight course between the two big bends but snakes around.

Our reverse curve is not as pronounced as on the actual railway which is a consequence of us having squeezed the S bend back towards the station a little to make it fit better into the rectangular outline of Bron Hebog, but I doubt if anyone will ever really notice.

(They never did when we pulled the same trick on Dduallt)

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