Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Seeing Double

I've completed the second pair of door masters for the new Super Barn project which gives me a full set of four.

The double doors - although it would be more accurate to describe them as one and a quarter rather than double - are rather more complicated to make than on by previous Super Barn models because on 108 the Boston Lodge team have seen fit to include a droplight on the wee narrow door as well as the big one.

Representing this called for some rather fiddly work with tiny strips of 10 thou styrene but we got there in the end.

I'm doing these droplights differently to how I usually would on a scratchbuilt carriage.

Normally I build them up as another layer of styrene behind the main bodyside but that's not an option on an open back casting which needs to be completely flat.

So instead I am forming them within the window aperture using this really thin strip.

Given that the door is built up of a laminate of 20 thous sheet with 15 thou beading detail the droplights should still look far back enough when they're cast, I hope.

They've now been glued onto thick 60 thou sheet which will form the base of the casting box.

Although I'm not ready to make moulds with them yet it will ensure they don't start to curl up as laminated styrene likes to.

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