Friday, 25 October 2013

Making An Entrance

I've started work on the first of the masters for the Super Barns I'm planning to cast, beginning with the single end doors.

These latest carriages follow the pattern established with the new WHR stock in having the doorways inset at each end. One end of the carriage also has a double set of doors.

This, and the layout of the window pillars mean the two sides of the carriage are not a mirror image of each other, they are 'handed' so to speak.

All of which conspires to quadruple the amount of masters I need to make to cast a Super Barn compared to a nice, simple, traditional Barn where all I would need to do is make a single master for a side and another for the ends.

Instead I face the prospect of making 7 component parts to be able to cast a single carriage.

It will be worth the effort, I hope, because in this case I'm already committed to making 3 models of 108 and another of 103 and so the time and effort put in now should be paid back when I can cast the bits far faster than if I was scratch building all of them.


  1. Are you going to offer the cast Super Barn as a kit, if so, I would be interested.


  2. I doubt it. Can't really see a way to cast the roof and the chassis would be tricky too. May be willing to offer sides and ends on an ad hoc basis but lets see how well they cast first.

    1. I would be interested in side and end castings. The roof and chassis would be no problem to make up myself.

  3. Same here, I would be interested in sides & ends.

    Nothing like a bit of pressure to cramp your creativity, is there??

    Cheers, Nigel (Kendall)