Sunday, 27 October 2013

Aviation Spec

This is one of Himself's little jokes. (We play along with it - it's easier that way).

He has been busy drilling large holes in the plywood scenery formers making the thing look like the fuselage of some WW2 bomber or some ultra-lightweight component for a racing car.

In fact, as he freely admits, it does very little to reduce the weight of the board.

And here's the real irony.

Having shaved a few grams off framework he's now about to proceed to cover it in chicken wire, Mod-Roc and - to make sure it really tips the scales - brush a coat of plaster over it.

None of this will surprise regular readers who will be familiar with Himself's stubborn determination to stick to traditional and solid forms of construction.

However, to his credit, nothing he's built has ever fallen apart. Yet.

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