Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Creating Contours

With the track bed cut out and placed in position on the new board it's time to begin forming the landscape on either side of it.

Himself has started cutting and shaping the plywood formers which will be positioned at right angles to the line as you can see here.

The railway line has to run on an embankment but at the same time is also located in a distinct dip as it runs behind the raised ground immediately behind Beddgelert station.

The new farm track which now runs immediately in front of the railway is an added complication.

I think it's quite a tricky landscape to reproduce, especially when you consider that unlike the vast majority of layouts which only have to work, in a scenic sense, in a linear fashion - that is, to match the sections to the left and right of the area you're building - ours also has to match what will be in front of and behind it.

It's a bit like the difference between trying to fit together the edge pieces of a jigsaw and trying to place one of the pieces in the middle.

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