Sunday, 10 November 2013

Getting Alongside

It's been a while since I made a carriage side using my styrene strip 'ladder' technique. I'm glad to report - somewhat immodestly - that it appears I haven't lost my touch.

The first stage is to create the basic outline of lower bodyside and window pillars on a sheet of glass with a scale drawing fixed beneath.

I use 20 thou styrene for this.

Once that's done you can remove it from the glass and fix on a second layer of detail to represent the beading.

Straight after taking this snap I took the side and glued it onto a piece of 60 thou styrene which will form the base of the moulding box.

Left to their own devices these bodysides will soon curl up like a banana due to the effect of the solvent on the plastic so it was important to fix it down as soon as possible and ensure that there were no gaps the RTV silicone could find.

To do this I brushed a generous amount of limonene onto the sheet, placed the side onto it and buried the whole lot beneath a pile of the heaviest books I could find.

It seems to have done the trick but I'll only find out for sure when the mould rubber is pealed off.

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