Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Don't ever say that we don't keep up with the social media trends on this blog.

While working on the layout the other night Himself was moved to attempt his first selfie.

Unfortunately he hasn't quite got the hang of holding the camera at the correct angle (yes, he's using an actual camera to take a picture, not a telephone - it'll never catch on) but his photographic malfunction did result in a rather nice portrait of the latest Oberon Wood house I've built being fitted in place on the layout.

A more conventional view from the front shows the base needs to be cut away to allow the garage to be sunk to its correct position.

I'm very pleased with how this corner of the layout is looking.

All we need now is for the Artistic Director to produce some more designs for the neighbouring properties.

Just remember, I've warned you before about holding your breath where he's concerned. We don't want any accidental asphyxiations among our readers.


  1. Love the title! Very Jack and Victor. The Oberon Wood houses present some interesting angles and shapes which will have been difficult to build, as can be seen from previous posts on the blog. They provide a strong pointer to the layout's non-period setting. Great stuff!

  2. Thanks Iain. I'm having fun building them but the credit should really go to the Artistic Director who did all the hard work divining all the angles and producing some exquisite designs that make them very such more straightforward to render in 3d.