Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Floor Filling

The interior of 2046, the new Welsh Highland carriage, has taken a big jump forward in the last few days.

I cast 7 sets of the seats and tables and glued them into position.

I was pretty pleased with the way the design worked. Some of them required a little filing to ensure the seat backs lined up with the window pillars but the table heights are perfect with the waist line on the carriage.

A final job was to make up the tipping / swivelling seat at one end out of a couple of bits of styrene.

Then I turned it over and tackled the underfloor area which calls for a lot more modelling.

The WHR carriages have become a little more complicated down there over the years.

The first batch of Winson-built carriages in the late 1990's had everything hidden behind a long, boxy skirt, as you can see at the top edge.

Now, however, Boston Lodge install fancy things like diesel powered heating and so there are various tanks and drawers and others such things visible which have to be modelled.

Those of you who have built any of my Boston Largs Works SAR wagon kits might spot how I've employed some of the brass brake parts under there and cut down some others to fit.

I also hacked off the resin brake cylinder from a scrap wagon chassis to glue into place on this carriage.

It has the same fins around the edge as the SAR ones (Boston Lodge may even have used a spare SAR one for all I know)  so waste-not, want-not, eh?

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