Friday, 19 September 2014

The Moment Of Truth

In a few hours all will be reveled! We will see Bron Hebog put up in its entirety for the very first time - and that includes the people who have built it!

It's all packed up and ready for the journey to Woking for the exhibition this weekend.

You will note Himself's new pride and joy, the sack barrow, in the foreground.

I'll be keeping fingers crossed that it goes together as planned and that it's all been wired up properly.

I'm hoping Himself and the team will send me a few snaps over the course of the weekend and I'll post them on the blog at the earliest opportunity.

If you're going along to Woking and take some shots we'd be delighted if you'd share them on our Facebook page - search on there for Bron Hebog.

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